About Us

We have an awesome laser that can cut and engrave almost any type of substrate (wood, marble, acrylic, metal and glass are just a very few of the many things we can engrave on). If it's a photo, a graphic or text......then we can engrave it! 

We specialize in making unique products for fundraisers (aren't you tired of selling candy??!!!), but we offer SO MUCH MORE! We can do memorials (whether it is a small plaque in rememberance of someone special or an entire WALL to honor a group). We can make unique promotional products for businesses, toys for kids, puzzles, portraits, gadget tatoos, and so, so, so much more! We are only limited in what we can make by YOUR IMAGINATION! 

Everything is made right here in the good old USA (actually, right here in Cicero, New York which is about 10 miles north of Syracuse) and we try our best to buy our supplies (from dogtags to marble plaques) only from American suppliers. Can't find exactly what you need? We also offer GIFT CERTIFICATES in any amount.

Mission Statement:

Cicero Laser Engraving’s mission is to become a nationally recognized laser marking, cutting and engraving service dedicated to fabricating creative, unique and custom-designed products desired by our customers.

We will be guided by the needs of our customers for exceptional service and high-quality, innovative products with unsurpassed value.

Growing in this ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace is fundamental to our future.

Responding to changes required by our valued existing customers and important new customers will be accomplished by continuously striving to improve the skills, systems, service and products necessary to meet or exceed our customers expectations. 

Utilizing a modern workplace with the latest in technology, equipment and software will enable us to provide our customers superior laser processing techniques and a level of expertise and confidence unsurpassed in the laser-based manufacturing industry.

We will treat our customers, business partners and employees with honesty and respect.

Our commitment to service is a fundamental operating principal.

We will endeavor to form mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with our customers.

In order to provide practical and original solutions to our customers, it is essential that we maintain our tradition of fabrication excellence, while keeping a conscious eye toward innovation in all that we do.

Since our customers are of the utmost importance to us, ultimately, we will measure our success in terms of satisfied customers.
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